Our Energetically Sensitive Children ~

Connor is without a doubt an energetically sensitive child, meaning those five senses we are all aware of and have are more amplified, more sensitive, acute or heightened within him. He is a being who is more vibrationally or energetically aware, in fact all of my children are to varying degrees. Connor has been diagnosed with Autism or what I call Awetism, ADHD and is brilliant, our son Chance has ADHD, brilliant with an incredible knack for computers and simply knowing how to navigate in the world of electronics with ease. If we were interested in more labels, which we are not, we are certain Chance would be diagnosed with aspergers. Alison, our eldest child is what many consider typical, brilliant and has ADD as well, but all are more in-tune with everything going on around them and all that is.  Noises can be more uncomfortable and Connor will cover his ears to drown out excessive sounds, he is unable to take medications physically without gagging, he has tried for my sake but his body knows it should not be taken, fortunately I have resolved to completely let this go when I decided not to push against him or awetism. It is why he can only eat certain foods, as a mom, I have had to come to embrace this, we all want our children to be healthy. It is why he only likes or prefers to wear, sleep or cuddle with certain fabrics, certain smells are amplified as well as his sight/light. His sixth sense is also more heightened, something we rarely speak of in our everyday life but those who are willing to take notice will often speak of their amazement within their children or those they teach or aide.

Another amplified awareness I would like to bring your attention to is his ability to feel the emotions of others, it is more commonly known as empathy, but again I want to express this is heightened as well. Our children can sense our discomfort, they sense our fear, they sense our guilt, they can sense our agitation and anger. When we are experiencing any negative emotion, we are not BEing the loving being we are meant to BE. They are so receptive to our emotions and the feelings of those around them and when they feel excess negative emotion from others, they are often uncertain what to do with them so they take them on as their own and then act out in their behaviors. When I am asked to help a child or guide my parent friends, I always act as an observer to what the behavior is first because the behavior often reflects their environment. Which is why it is so important for all of us to begin to understand, we have the ability to shift our emotions from within. As we become aware of our own ability to shift our thoughts and our beliefs, choosing better and better feeling thoughts, our children will not need to navigate in a world of negative emotions coming from those close to them. This is one of the many reasons they have come, to bring our awareness of self, our awareness of our own emotions out into the open. We create our reality with the thoughts we think, with the beliefs we hold and we have the ability and complete control over how we feel. Are you willing to begin to see or simply ponder the shift that is occurring?


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