You are the STAR!

Imagine for just a moment……you are given the opportunity to star in your own movie, you get to write it, you get to direct it, you get to decide if it is a drama? A comedy? A love story? Inspirational? Living Happily Ever After or not or ALL of the above? Sometimes a co-producer throws you a curve ball which you knew may happen before you arrived on the set and now that you are in the middle of your movie you may have forgotten that will happen but being the pro you are, the epitome of greatness, you appreciate their input and recognize you can make some minor adjustments and rewrite that part of the script. You laugh as you realize your movie production just got more exciting, a little better than you had planned and you move forward eagerly, continuing to create a spectacular, block buster, academy award-winning, internationally renowned sensation that will take the world by storm and leave everyone in its wake a better person than they were before you came on the scene.

Well, do you remember?………………………….That is exactly what you came here to do.


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