A New Human?

What? Sounds like something from Star Trek doesn’t it? And yet, it is something I am seeing in so many children, something very distinctly new yet very real, a shift is underway. Most of you know I have an incredible child diagnosed with Awetism, he is in a wonderful class and is thriving, his words are incredible and speech and language is growing by leaps and bounds. He is a rascal and I am most certain his rascally quality has nothing to do with a so-called disability, it is a big part of his wonderful charm. He is playful, makes me laugh, makes me cry, is sharp and witty but most of all, he has taught me and continues to teach me how to BE who I came into this life to be. Oh baby how far I have come!

We have an incredibly sensitive son named Chance, diagnosed with ADHD and if we were interested in more labels which we are not, or if it would benefit to him, he would probably carry a diagnosis of Aspergers. No one will have hurt feelings while Chance is around. If he witnesses bullying or becomes a target of harsh or hurtful words, he takes it in and acts as a buffer so others will not be hurt or saddened by others. We are working on allowing him to release this negativity he willingly deflects from others in an effort to keep others from being hurt or sad, giving him the tools to shield himself from discomfort he willingly takes on for his friends. He is brilliant and the one we call for tech support in our home.

Our eldest child Alison, although diagnosed with ADD several years ago, is incredibly sensitive, intuitive and is educated yet dislikes being schooled. She reminds me of a free spirit, loves dressing in a style all her own from Chanel to Bohemian and everything in the middle or beyond. I often envision her coming out onto a runway in Paris or Milan to a standing ovation receiving accolades for her brilliant clothing line. She struggles in school, in a typical structured setting, something I am well aware of because I have been exactly where she is. We are all energetically sensitive which means we sense the discomfort of others, are aware of things on many levels and often become so in-tune with each other, words do not need to be spoken. Everyone in our family loves knowledge, craves knowledge and awareness and believes it is a wonderful thing to be educated and for some, because of our wonderfully diverse nature in all things, schooling is something they will thrive in. But for some, like our family, the structured setting of being schooled feels as though someone is suffocating them.

So, from the outside we may sound like or appear to be a quirky family, a blissfully, happy, amazingly harmonious, given two teens, one tween yet quirky family and I LOVE IT! Here is what absolutely amazes me in my daily interactions with other parents, families like ours is quickly becoming the norm. More and more families have one or more of these fascinating, brilliant, non-conforming, respectfully polite yet breaking the mold type of kids. There is a reverence about these ‘kids’ that is incredible and if you try to parent them in the same way generations past have parented, they will rebel or take it in internally and then exhibit an array of negative behaviors as an expression of their own discomfort. I felt this difference when Alison was first born. I grew up in a wonderfully loving home and yet I knew with everything in my being, I would parent just a little bit different. I knew there was a respect between me and each of our children that moved beyond words. Yet with so many more people experiencing this brilliant kids, more kids are feeling pushed aside, unable to sit in their seats a full 7 or 8 hours a day, struggling in school in a structure that no longer works for the vast majority, as if they are not worthy of society. Being bullied if they are not strong enough to stand up to those who choose to deflect their own discomfort by hurting others.

We are on the verge if not in a paradigm shift and all of this can change for the incredible if we are all willing to give these fantastic kids a voice, letting them know they matter, embracing diversity no matter what our differences. Incredibly well-meaning therapists and some doctors are seeing this and yet they are apprehensive in standing in their truth for fear of scrutiny, because they have worked so hard to get where they are, a bit of irony there, don’t you think? I do not blame them nor do I pass judgment on anyone. We all have our own path to walk, which is why I am out here on the leading edge, letting those who are listening or willing to listen see, feel and know what I have come to know. We as parents are the ones who must be willing to stand up for the children we love and say, “We see it, we know it, let’s allow this shift to take place for the sake of our children!”Oh yes, a change is in the air, it is in motion and our Brilliant children are leading the way. Tally Ho!



  1. My children really surprised me the other night.
    We were at the dinner table, which we are most often together. Four boys 18-22 and I asked what they thought about Canada pulling out from the Kyoto Accord.
    Now, we have many conversations and with very strong opinions…..books, movies, the U.S., hockey, etc. To their own admission, my children have told me, they want everything ‘now’ and they know they can be anything they want, because we repeatedly told them. We just didn’t tell them they had to work for it. They also realize they are part of the lazy generation.
    So I mentioned the Kyoto Accord and stated a few things.
    Well I might as well have brought up the taboo subjects of religion, politics, abortion or all three.
    I had no idea my children were so familiar with the Kyoto Accord and I had no idea how strong their opinions were about it. I had no idea they feel we should take a step forward away from the U.S. and I had no idea that they had been educating themselves throughout the internet about the Kyoto Accord.
    Apparently, my children do have a passion and making the world a more sustainable place.
    It took no time for me to realize whatever opinion I had about Canada and the Kyoto Accord should remain quiet because I apparently knew very little.
    So yes, there is a shift and I felt it within my home….and the uncaring, lazy, strike that, passionate and caring sons that I have.

  2. Good to see a taenlt at work. I can’t match that.

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