Finding Calm Within ~

There is a space within each of us, a calm center, a place you can find ease and grace in the middle of a turbulent ocean. No matter what you have going on around you, you are able to find this alignment within. Just because others, our spouse, partner or children may not feel this calm, even though they may be in the middle of drama, anger, or blaming you, we are all responsible for our own alignment or misalignment, you are able to go within and BE calm. It will take some practice but after you find this feeling of calm a few times, you will be able to BE that calm center in the midst of chaos. When you are able to be in alignment, you have the ability to be a positive influence on everyone you come into contact with.



  1. Lovely article – simple and to the point thank you Dolores x

  2. A wonderful post. Yes, it is so important to be the calm especially when others are feeling negative.

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