Continued Amazement ~

Connor continues to amaze me. When I look back on our incredible life, full of ups and downs, more ups than downs but those down times are necessary in order to fully appreciate the great times.

We are blessed with three incredible children. What parent doesn’t think their kids are the bomb I know, but they truly fill my heart with JOY in a BIG way. They are bright, funny and such a pleasure to parent. I birthed all three children in three years, I was one busy momma and I cannot imagine it any other way. After I gave birth to my first child, I felt like I wanted to immerse myself in motherhood, my darling husband was more than willing to expand our family in whatever way I was comfortable since I have the pleasure of staying at home.

Yesterday, Connor came with me to pick up his sister from school. They all have a unique relationship with each other, autism has been in their lives as long as they can remember since they were so young when Connor was diagnosed. Alison and Connor have a playful relationship, always have. She recently saw a video on youtube that made her laugh so hard, she had to share with the entire family, the words the man stated constantly throughout the entire video is ‘Cat Planet’. Connor has heard us walking around the house with the occasional ‘Cat Planet’ thrown our way, followed by a giggle by those involved in the interaction. Yesterday as we picked up his sister, we were pulling up just as she got out of class and she had not seen us yet. I began to roll down my window to get her attention but Connor is so much quicker than I am. He rolled down his window and yelled, “Hey Cat Planet…..over here!” All three of us burst into laughter and I found myself utterly amazed at how far this once non-verbal child has come. More importantly, the journey I have been on which I believe has made all the difference in my world. Never give up my dear parent friends. I am not asking you to stop fighting for a cure or stop fighting for your child, of course you want the best for all of your children. What I am asking you to do is follow your gut instinct. You get what you think about whether you want it or not, struggle will give you more struggle, allowing your child to blossom will give you an opportunity to open up to their gifts. Have FUN with your child, even if you believe he/she is not listening…….they are ~


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