Embracing Adversity ~

I so adore that life continues to show me, with great clarity ways to improve how I am feeling at any moment which in turn allows me to show others. The last few days I have been fine-tuning and coming to the realization something I have heard for a long time but I am appreciating I am coming to an awareness, a heightened awareness in understanding, nothing can go wrong. I am recognizing how each moment in time is simply an opportunity for choice. A moment to make a decision that feels better or to continue the discomfort of a choice we continually make without realizing we are able to choose better feeling thoughts and create a life experience that feels better.

Rather than being dramatic, feeling and acting as though life is getting worse and worse, we are a powerful human being who can make the decision to live a better feeling life. We are so powerful we can continue to create a life that feels worse or we can shift our thoughts little by little and begin to feel better and better. We are such magnificent creators we can choose bondage not fully understanding we have control over our own emotions. What an exhilarating time to be alive.

For generations many, the majority have labored under the illusion that we have absolutely no control over how we think and therefore create in our life experience, and yet it is becoming clear to so many we do have the power to shift our own emotions. We may not have control over the experiences that come into our lives but we do have full control over how we move forward in each moment. I have felt utter despair, the feeling of not wanting to continue living my life experience after our son was diagnosed with autism. It was not my son, the diagnosis or anything else outside of myself that made me want to take my own life, it was the lack of power I thought I did not have over how I was feeling. Knowing this, knowing we have full control over how we feel, understanding…..when you are feeling complete lack of power within, you cannot be blissfully happy in the very next moment but you can choose to feel better. You can choose to move from despair into anger. As you move into anger, know you will eventually move into hopefulness, from hopefulness you can begin to see the possibility of joy. When Connor was diagnosed with autism in 2001, I was looking for hope, trying to find other parents who had been where we were at that time and moved out of their discomfort and I could not find it. Many parents were still stuck in blame, anger or despair themselves. But we can and I have moved out of that hopelessness, anger, despair, guilt and any other negative emotion no matter what you call it. We can have a blissful life experience no matter what shows up in our lives.

When you begin to understand the power you have within you, you will begin to understand everything is simply about choices to be made. In any moment you can choose to feel badly or you can choose to be hopeful, you can choose to be hopeful or choose to be joyful. Bless adversity because without it, without knowing what you do not want how would you ever be able to discern what it is you do want? You have this power within you, you do, no one else.


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