The Aware Child ~

We all recognize when we see, hear or meet a gifted child, gifted in the sense that it can be measured, easily understood or graded. Children who are gifted in math, science or all academics, those who are incredible artists or a musical genius. There is however another type of gifted child, not as easily measured or able to be compiled in scientific data…..yet, known as an energetically sensitive child. These children experience life on many levels of their being which creates a lot of information for them to compile, sort, sift and process. Because their parents may not be as energetically sensitive, or maybe they were when they were younger and have been guided away from their own gifts, these children often feel alone, prefer to be alone, seem very shy, or they may be the opposite of shy, they may act out, have negative behaviors, be disruptive in class or at home and some behaviors can be severe.

Often these children will be given medication in hopes it will calm them down but sometimes their negative behavior can become amplified because it is one more thing for them to process in their physical environment. I am not for or against medication if it is helpful however, for my own family and all three of my energetically sensitive children, they are physically unable to take medications without getting physically ill or vomiting it up. At first I was upset my children were unable to take their medication, since I was promised by well-meaning professionals, it would be extremely helpful, giving them an opportunity to focus and concentrate in school, that is what society judges us parents by, isn’t it? Given what I understand now about energetically sensitive children or ESC, I am glad they are unable to take it, it makes perfect sense their bodies were unable to assimilate and digest  medication due to their sensitive nature and bodies. Fortunately we have found a way of dealing with their sensitivities that are a better fit for our family and are medication free, again a very personal decision which should be made with our children and our own intuition or gut instinct in mind.

These E.S. Children may be diagnosed Aspergers, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Developmental Disorder, sensory processing disorder and many other labels that many may call a disability or disorder. Or it could be something as simple as your child trying very hard in school, you know this, you see this but they are simply not able to focus in a way that is of benefit to them yet they do not meet the criteria for a label. Society is so fond of labels and school districts need a label in order to serve our children better otherwise those children who are having difficulty must muddle their way through. Because these wonderful children cannot keep up in the typical fashion they may suffer from low self-esteem, not understanding what is taking place they may withdraw from their brilliant potential. These children are extremely bright and very sensitive to the negativity within our mass consciousness and of those they interact with most often.

When our children are born, they start off life as a pure vessel. As we worry about them, our worry begins to cloud them. As they grow and interact with more people, if those people are full of negative emotions, our children begin to pick up more and more negative energy. Since this negative energy is foreign to them and they are uncertain what to do with it, or not aware the negative emotion is coming from others surrounding them or from mass consciousness, they will begin to act out. If your child is having a difficult time, is diagnosed with a so-called disorder or you simply are not understanding your child…….perhaps you might be open to understanding your child in a new way.

It is my personal belief, this influx of sensitive children are coming forth with the intention of helping humanity create a life that works better for all. There is no doubt there is great frustration in the school systems, our children are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make the grade, going to school 7 or 8 hours a day plus an extra 2 to 4 hours of homework in the evening. Teachers are under pressure to perform in a way that ties their hands when it comes to helping our children. They feel exhausted trying to keep kids in their seats for hours a day when the natural way of being for our children is one of movement, imagination, creativity, energy and fun. They often have so much work the children must complete, they have to send it home as homework. In order to make certain No child is left behind, we are alienating a large majority of our kids and when they do not do well in school they think something must be wrong with them which leads to low self-esteem, creating more negative emotion they must deal with. We may not be able to change the system today but maybe perhaps we can begin to plant seeds of change. With so many children coming forth unable to conform to societal standards, they will force the system to change. Change will come from the inside out, our children will be the catalyst for this change, we as parents must be willing to back them and support them. Focusing on the positives within our precious children, reminding them of the LOVE they truly are, we all are, and the brilliance they are by focusing on the solution, we will create a brighter world for all.


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