Perception is EVERYTHING ~

Years ago I took our daughter to Hollywood for a Princess tea at the Kodak Theater when Princess Diaries first came out. It was a wonderful day, we saw the movie at El Capitan Theater, it was elegant, like stepping back in time, we were dressed like royalty and then headed across the street for tea and delicacies of all kinds, autographs, photos, dress up with the Disney Princesses….it was quite a day.

As we left for the day, I remember the feeling of being guarded, it wasn’t a city I was used to even though it was ‘Hollywood’. As I drove down the streets, eager to get home from a FULL day of fun with my baby girl, I began noticing a different side of Hollywood than we had experienced all day. Far different from the luxurious, gilded, elegant day we had enjoyed. Heading to the freeway my heart ached as I saw many homeless sleeping on the sidewalk, some talking to themselves, ladies of the evening as well as men dressed provocatively. I did not wish to judge anyone nor express judgment in front of my little girl but I did not want to have to answer any curiosity questions from the backseat since I had not prepared myself. It was such a contrast from the day we spent together. I wanted to continue the blissful day we had shared. On that short drive down the streets of Hollywood, I began to feel concern, fear and a general feeling of wanting to get out of there quick when suddenly I heard my precious girl from the back seat with as much enthusiasm as she could muster say, “I LOVE HOLLYWOOD!” In that moment, I was snapped out of my fear and concern. I looked up and saw the Hollywood sign and began to ‘see’ Hollywood through the eyes of my daughter. This time was during my awakening to who I really am, questioning more in my life, it was soon after Connor’s diagnosis from autism and it was another lesson for me to notice within how differently we all perceive life.

We all have the ability to see life in a way that is pleasing to us rather than our now reality. If you can understand your now reality is the thoughts you had yesterday and consider it old news. You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you think today, shifting from the problems, turning toward the solutions. How we perceive our life experience, we can view everything as if it is getting worse or we can view it from the perspective that life continues getting better and better. It is all completely up to you. YOU are the creator of your life experience and you create your experience with your perspective on everything.


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