Is your mind on auto-pilot?

You know the feeling, going, going, going without taking the time to BE in the moment. Doing what must be done rather than feeling your way through your day. At the end of the day you plop yourself into your bed, get up and start all over again in hope of getting to Friday in one piece and it is only Monday. You find yourself working so hard just to get to a vacation 6 months away, never stopping to experience your life. Forgetting that life is about the journey, not the destination. Do you think this is the life you intended?

Somewhere along the way in your life experience you got derailed. You simply forgot what life was supposed to be like, you forgot you are the creator of your life experience by the thoughts you choose to think but no worries, you knew there was a great possibility those loving parents you chose would not be able to remind you of your magnificence within because they were never reminded. You knew this would only cause you great expansion and at some choice point you would begin to remember your own brilliance… is the time. Contrast has served you well. You have listened to that wonderful ego of yours tell you often enough that you are not worthy, you are less than, who do you think you are? The world does not revolve around you. When in fact not only does the world, but the Universe conspires to make certain you are supported in all ways. It has not felt like it since you were unaware you create your life with the thoughts you choose. You may not have control over what comes into your experience but you have the ability to pick and choose what it is you want to focus upon. You have the full capability to shift how you feel about anything within your life. You may not have control over others but you can choose to see them in a light that feels better at any moment.

Which is why as I sit here typing this on this rainy morning, I smile broadly because it is time to take your mind off auto-pilot and remember your own brilliance. It is time for you to become aware that your thoughts create your reality. Your outer landscape is a reflection of what you are thinking and feeling within. If you are enjoying your life experience you are doing a wonderful job creating. If there are things you want to change, no problem, simply begin to focus on the solution and when you are able, begin to find as many things as possible that make you feel wonderful as you experience them. Everything you have lived up until now has put incredible things in your ‘escrow’ account. Throughout your life whenever you knew what you did not want, did not like, you put the solution in an escrow account for your future. Now as you begin to focus on the solutions and begin to purposefully enjoy……in~joy your life experience, you will begin to allow all of those wonderful things you desired to make their way into your life experience. So, take your life off auto-pilot, take your mind off auto-pilot, it is time to purposefully create the life you meant to live all along.


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