The Ripple Effect ~

I woke this morning with the image of the ripple effect in my mind, I do not remember the context that came into my head or why but that is my nudge from within to write about it. As I laid in my bed after waking, eyes closed, pondering a pebble being thrown into a very still pond, I observed the ripples moving outward. I smiled as I thought about how much this is an example of how our thoughts ripple outward into the Universe. The more we think a certain thought, the larger the ripples become as they move outward and what we receive back from the Universe is the equivalent vibrational match to what we were thinking or pondering most frequently, all of this powered via Law of Attraction.

So as you have a thought about anything, ask yourself softly, “How does that make me feel?” Our emotions are our guide, if you are pondering a thought that feels good, think of the ripples you are sending out into the Universe. Feeling good within means you will begin receiving those things that are a vibrational match. If however what you are experiencing in this now moment does not feel good, those ripples are being sent out into the Universe as well. Now, do not panic! ;0) Take that moment and ask yourself the question, “How can I feel better about this?” or “I realize I want to feel better about this.” As you simply ask yourself the question, you have just shifted that discomfort. In requesting a better feeling from within on any given subject, you give yourself the opportunity to find the solution. The trick is to then begin looking toward the solution and not continuing to focus on the problem. If you find yourself going back to the problem, no worries, catch yourself and say, ‘I am just fine tuning the outcome for more clarity within’ and then shift your focus. If you are unable to shift your focus on a particular subject, change the subject completely. Sometimes we are so entrenched in one particular moment in time, taking your mind off the subject completely is the best thing for you to do.

You have the ability to shift the direction of your life and you have full control over your emotions, even if you were not aware of your ability to shift your focus or your emotions until now, now you know. You may not have control over anyone or anything else but all you need is what you do have, control over how you can feel about any subject. It is all about your perspective.



  1. quirkyandlaughing

    I am fascinated with the ripple effect idea. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because I just saw the documentary “I Am” by Tom Shadyac. There’s a little snippet in the movie about a measurable shift in energy among yogurt bacteria when Shadyac feels stressed out. As an Aspie mom, I often wonder how my neuroses affect my little one, even as I try to repress/hide them.

    • It is interesting to me, how much I have learned from our son, actually all of my children and working with parents and their children, our children are wonderful reflections of what we have going on within, whether or not they are able to voice it or not. When they cannot voice it, they act out behaviorally.
      It feels to me as though we are moving into a time where what we feel and what we say matters. Our children ‘feel’ their way through life, so they feel far more than they hear from us or process with verbal language. Authenticity seems to be the theme of the expectations of many of these children. I so look forward to watching more unfold with our children leading the way.

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