Follow their lead ~

It is my personal understanding and knowing our children are coming forth en mass to shift our way of BEing, seeing, and shifting our world, setting an example for all to embrace everyone through the eyes of unconditional love.
They are pioneers and we as parents, caregivers, educators, therapists, teachers and aides have the pleasure of witnessing this transformation from the front row, not the cheap seats.
So many are trying with all of their might to guide our children to become socially acceptable. Our children are perfectly content with BEing who they truly are until eventually enough people they care about point out it is not acceptable. Left to their own imaginations, desires and alignment they would find more and more people willing to play with them and those who do not think it acceptable would vibrate out of their experience.
Could it be our children have come forth to shift the social norm?
Hmmmmmmm me thinks YES!
There is a change in the air ~ ♥



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