Think Happy Thoughts

It sounds so incredibly simple doesn’t it? I always smile when I hear a line from a movie that resonates or rings true within my own life and I ask myself, “Why don’t more people live this way?”  Probably for the same reasons I did not live much of my adult life in this way, I did not realize thinking and feeling happy more often was a choice.  I lived the way many others do, if something makes me smile, I was happy. If something made me angry, I was not happy. I did not realize no matter what comes into my experience, I have full control over how I feel on any subject. I do not have any control over what others say or do, but I can shift how I see any subject or person and that is true freedom. To know and understand no one else has to change a thing for me to be happy.

There are so many clues, so many bread crumbs in life left behind by so many others who have found the secret to living a truly happy, blissful life experience and yet, more people are unhappy, more people suffer from depression and more people are searching outside themselves for things to make themselves happy.

Just for a moment, think about why you want anything? What is the reason behind your desire for anything, more money, a home, a lover, a new car, a better job, what is the reason behind any of that? The main driving force behind your desire is wanting to be happy and you believe once you have all of those things, then you will be happy! Yet we hear stories of those who seemingly have everything physically and they are incredibly unhappy.


What if you decided your new goal in life is to simply BE HAPPY. Can you imagine that for just a moment? What if your new goal in life, what if your quest became finding reasons to BE happy? Not getting more things, not figuring out how to purchase something for the brief moment of excitement you think you will feel once you have it but truly searching within for things that make you smile broadly? Taking a walk, gardening, taking a bath, helping another, cleaning, making love, hugging someone you love and adore, baking, smooching up your children, being playful with your grandchildren, smiling at someone for no reason…….whatever makes you smile, whatever makes your heart sing as you take that action, what if we did those things more often? Living in the now, the present, the moment. Can you simply ponder for just a moment the life you could be living? Magnificent indeed.


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