Being Playful works!

This morning, I could ‘feel’ Connor and I were having wonderful conversations although he was not speaking with his words at great length, this was a wonderful moment expressed Beyond words.
We watched at our dog Rex, a rescue boxer was eating his breakfast outside, Rex kept looking at us wanting to be with us rather than eat. When he came inside the birds would swoop down to gather food. I teased Rex saying ‘Go eat silly, the birds will eat your food’. Even Rex could feel the playfulness of Connor and I this morning and preferred being in our energy, it makes perfect sense, we are all energy, vibration, human beings, our pets and the birds who enjoy Rex’s dog food.

As we drove in the car on the way to school I told Connor how much I loved who I was when I was with him, when we played together, doing nothing more than simply BEing together. He looked at me with such a broad smile, directly at me, into my eyes…….Oh yes, embracing what is, imperfectly perfect and feeling the ease in all of that makes all the difference in our world.


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