Shifting Your Perspective will change your life ~

What if we are placing our focus in a perspective that does not feel good? Rather than thinking something has gone wrong, what if everything is going ‘right’ with so many coming forth who prefer to focus on doing what feels wonderful most of the time, unless they are challenged by others?

Our children ‘feel’ their way through life, including ‘feeling’ the energy of the environment around them. When they are in a ‘soup’ of worry, sadness, anger, frustration and pushing against everything to change who they are, as well-meaning as we parents are……that is when so many other challenges come about that we must deal with and then we proclaim how much we hate that our children have autism.

Yet, when we begin to embrace our children, loving them with unconditional love which means, ‘I, as your parent, guardian, caretaker, have the ability to be happy and create a feeling of calm, love and ease in our ‘vibrational soup’ we create together no matter what I am observing in you in this moment.
As we begin to ‘feel’ better within suddenly our children begin to thrive.
I think a shift in perspective from many will turn the tide, at least this is what we are witnessing.
Riding the wave ~ ♥



  1. It was early on in my son’s life, I realized my emotions affected him. I am very animated in the way I speak, and if conveying something at the dinner table and I was becoming dramatic, he would become quite upset.

    If there is a crying baby where we are, all havoc can be created. My normally loving, patient son, will begin to pout and then cry, repeating ‘mom, mom, mom’.

    I do not even have to say a word and he can feed off the emotion, so many times I have to leave the room. In a way it’s been a blessing because I cannot linger in that state.

  2. I love this subject matter, and the subject of your whole blog. Thanks for the positive thoughts.


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