Tuning in

Connor guided me toward Wayne Dyer years ago and my life changed for the incredible.(long story in our book)
What I love about this quote is, whatever we desire, abundance, health, relationship with another or our children, we must ‘tune into’ the frequency of who they are, or what it is, as we do this, we tap into so much more of life that is truly incredible!

Sounds like so much work but it is not, tapping into the frequency of unconditional LOVE is all that is needed for everything to settle into place, which means, YOU have the ability to be happy, be in love with life, with yourself and then you do not need anyone else to be different, including your child, to feel wonderful. It is ALL up to you. Once you resonate with that, once you get that, your life will transform around you.

Seed of thought……maybe that is why this child has come into your life? To show you it is truly all up to you to feel good. They do not just care that you feel good, your child cares that ‘you know’ how to feel good!



  1. great thoughts and so true – thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you!
    Jennifer Hough says tune into the place where all of your 60 trillion cells are connected to Infinite Wisdom. Just imagining and feeling this in your body makes you feel lighter, more connected and expansive. It brings me to the place of knowing that all things are possible!

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