An Amplified Example of Uncertainty

When one thinks of the person we knew from afar as Whitney Houston, what comes to mind? A brilliant voice, a shining star, an icon, a beautiful woman, someone who had it all, troubled, a life clouded by uncertainty, covered up by drugs and alcohol. With what I have heard and witnessed of this lovely woman, she indeed seemed to have it all. She was a star, an actress with a voice that rivaled the angels in heaven and yet, even with her fame, money and stardom, surely this was proof she was great indeed, she still had a feeling of not being good enough, wondering if people like her, do they love her, is she good enough, will she ever be good enough? It did not seem to matter how much money she made, how many awards she won, how high she was on a pedestal, there was an underlying stream of doubt within this brilliant voice, this incredible person, loved by her family and the world. It seems she tried to ease her great discomfort, she tried to soothe that doubt she had within with something outside of herself to ease her pain. I say any and all of this without judgment, simply as an observer and with appreciation for the larger understanding in all of this.

I see this woman we all knew as the singer and star, Whitney Houston as an example of one who is uncertain from within. I find similarities of her doubts she had within myself as well, hers were simply amplified for the world to see, witness and cast shadows, doubts and speculation upon. We all have those doubts, when we are uncertain from within and I appreciate the opportunity and clarity her life and death offers.

We all live with self-doubt within ourselves and when we try to view ourselves through the eyes of others, we will always feel negative emotion from within. When we look to others for approval, even if it is the approval of who love us our parents, our spouses, those within our church, friends and close or extended family members, or in Ms. Houston’s case, when we look to the world for approval of ourselves, we will never find true happiness from within. As we try to shift what we do, say or act in a way others will like us or approve of us, we will never be completely happy and then we will most certainly try to do something that will help us to cope with our great discomfort, whether it is drugs, alcohol, food or any other addiction. We are simply reaching for some form of control over our own lives. In her case, she could control the drugs or alcohol she ingested that then gave her the relief she was reaching so desperately for.

We did not come forth for the approval of others. We came forth to sort and sift through the variety of life, using our gut instinct, our inner guidance from within, our emotions to be our guide. Yes we would have trials, yes we knew we would have opportunities to fine-tune our own desires, choices to be made but we also knew, our emotions would lead us in the direction that would make our hearts sing……many simply do not remember this or were not told this, but now we know, now we remember.

When we follow our hearts desires we will always have a magnificent outcome, following what feels wonderful from within, not only will the outcome be incredible but we get to feel good along the way without anything artificial to create that feeling of feeling good within. When we look outside of ourselves for approval, that negative emotion we feel as we observe someone elses disapproval of us, is our inner guidance saying, do not look to them follow the guidance within, you are off track, listen within, listen within, listen within. So maybe lovely Whitney Houston’s greatest gift to all of us will be one yet to come, as we hear her magnificent voice appear seemingly out of no where on the radio, in the mall or where ever you might be, maybe you will remember to follow your own inner voice, your own inner guidance that will never lead you away from your own power. Maybe her greatest gift will be to remind us all, we do not need the approval of others to be great, we only need the approval of the greatness within. With great love and appreciation for the clarity her life and death offers and the music that will live on and on.



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  1. Loved that Sweetie ❤ you are so right. I so love Whitney. I will treasure her forever and she has taught me a great deal in life and death.

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