The Gift of this Population

I can say unequivocally with everything that I am within my physical body and beyond, this population diagnosed with an ability known to many as autism is such a gift to our planet and to each and every person they come into contact with. Most days, I am fully able to feel, see and know what a blessing all of this IS and being beautifully human, there are days I would prefer not to deal with autism, fortunately at this stage, those times are very few and far between.

I fully recognize there are many on their journey, living day in and day out with struggle, mired in discomfort because from their perspective, they would not have chosen to have a child diagnosed with autism, and in all honesty in 2001, when Connor was diagnosed, although we were well aware he had autism prior to the diagnosis, I would not have desired that particular journey for myself, and I believe it was/is part of the greater plan, certainly I would not have consciously chosen this journey for myself but oh the growth and expansion I have been fully blessed with and for that, I would most certainly walk through ALL of it once again to be where I now stand in my life, even the despair I was not certain I would make it out alive with……SO glad I stuck around!!!

When this population is not being challenged by those desiring to change them, they are perfectly happy and content. They do not judge others, they are not purposefully greedy nor do they desire to be hurtful. As they move about their day, doing what is pleasing to them, they often exude bliss, joy and happiness. Without others interfering they thrive with great contentment. More and more of these children are coming forth, and from the perspective of some, it is because something has gone wrong, whether they believe it is vaccines, processed foods, the environment and I was at one time, wanting and willing to blame everyone and anyone for this diagnosis, yet in all of that blame, it never felt good from within. I thought if I blamed more, projected my hurt onto other reasons as to why autism was in our lives, I would feel better, I never felt better blaming others. Which gave me pause to think maybe I was not seeing this with the perfection in all of this through the eyes of God, source, all that is.

As I stopped pushing against everything and everyone, it gave me room to think, it gave me room to have the idea that this ability called autism, might be a blessing in disguise. As I pondered this more, as I settled into the idea of this blessing I had never noticed, it was as if the pain and anger I held within my heart began to melt away. As it melted away, it was as if Connor was able to see me more clearly and I was able to witness him and observe him with greater clarity through the eyes of Source, through the eyes of God. Something shifted within both of us, difficult to describe with words but it meant enough to both of us for me to understand I was onto something. I became aware of his ability to resonate, respond and react to me not just on a physical level but on a vibrational, energetic level.  Something I did not know about, nor was I fully aware of but I am so enjoying as I come more fully into knowing and understanding this child, myself and all of us are vibrational and energetic beings, something scientists will explain in a way I cannot but I can feel on many levels how this resonates within me. In my willingness to be open to an understanding that was greater than myself, I became aware of Connor’s ability to know, sometimes with more clarity than I did, how I was feeling or what I was thinking. I have become aware of our ability of being able to communicate on a telepathic level. Had Connor never lost is ability to use speech and language early on, I would have never had the deep desire to have more understanding about this child.

It has placed me on a journey of self discovery, one that has never felt more blissful in my entire life, and while I fully understand, not everyone will desire a shift that I have observed, it is my desire to plant seeds of hope within anyone willing to listen. This population of those diagnosed with the ability called autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD are part of a shift within the human experience. If you are willing to ponder this, to speak to your child about this, in a calm setting, you will open up a window of communication between you and your child that will rock your world. Imagine a world filled with the dominant gifts each of us carry and those gifts which are amplified within this population. The ability to love unconditionally, no judgment of others, nothing taken for granted, finding joy in everything you experience, the ability to be a blessing to every single person you come into contact with and the ability to communicate telepathically with those you interact with. This will open up the opportunity for more authenticity within each of us. Greater authenticity will offer a greater awareness, a greater opportunity for all of us to be who we are on a level that has not been available to any of us before. Imagine the possibility, ponder it, feel it and settle into what a delicious life experience it IS.



  1. “It has placed me on a journey of self discovery, one that has never felt more blissful in my entire life, and while I fully understand, not everyone will desire a shift that I have observed, it is my desire to plant seeds of hope within anyone willing to listen.” I wrote about a seedling sprouting and hope, today, too. Beautiful prose. Thank you.

  2. Great post. Thx for the thoughts

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