Are they aware?

A nugget of information that came to us when Connor was newly diagnosed in 2001. A reporter interviewed a non-verbal 16-year-old who just learned how to communicate with facilitated communication, his parents found out their 16-year-old was in fact BRILLIANT. He was unable to be tested prior to learning how to communicate due to his inability to express himself, but his parents were always aware of his ‘light’ within. The reporter asked this teen, “All of those years, when you were unable to communicate, what were you thinking? What did you hear?

This 16-year-old, non-verbal autistic teen replied, “I HEARD EVERYTHING!”

They are highly aware, in fact, they have abilities us so-called ‘typical’ folks have yet to tap into because we are so busy worrying about what others are thinking and saying about us, which I think if one of the gifts/lessons they offer all of us. This population is magnificent and brilliant and with all due respect, love and appreciation for the journey we are all on individually, some of my wonderful parents believe this population needs to be cured, I simply disagree with the greatest respect and love. It is not my belief that they, need to change, that is practicing conditional love from my perspective, when we shift how we feel from within, practicing unconditional love, which means, no one or nothing needs to change so I can feel better, now we are able to view things from a perspective with greater clarity. Certainly there are things we can all improve upon individually, diets, what we inject and ingest into our bodies, improving our environment, etc. But these adults and children diagnosed with those traits such as autism, simply want to be fully understood and until we take the time to become aware of their brilliance, we will continue to observe behaviors that we do not understand and may in fact be frustrating. Taking the time to understand, observe and witness will create a paradigm shift, this shift will be personal at first but the more you take time to truly stop pushing against and find those gold nuggets within your life and that of your child, not only will you feel better, your child will thrive and the ripple effect you observe and witness will be ASTOUNDING!



  1. It is when I “listen” to Troy, who is non-verbal, I realize the world to which he chooses to live in, is an amazing place.
    School measure happiness by his successes.
    I measure his sucesses by his happiness.

  2. Then you have seen his gift in his fullest sense.
    That is an amazing thing, one I hope for each of us. I cannot help but feel from within in this moment, THAT is their gift to us, if we are willing to listen.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your amazing son.

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