Waiting, waiting, waiting……

So you want things to change but they do not seem to. You are hoping for them to change but they don’t. You observe others, seemingly doing what they want, getting what they desire, while you wait for what you want to come to you, to become part of your life. So, why is it you feel as though you are constantly waiting for your dreams to be fulfilled?

When we send out a vibration/energy/desire/thoughts to the Universe that we are waiting for our dreams, we are waiting for our desires to come to fruition, waiting for things to be easier, waiting, waiting, waiting, what we will get back or receive is more waiting from the Universe. Law of Attraction is ever faithful, what we send out in the form of thoughts/vibration/energy/desire, we will receive. Law of Attraction does not judge our desire, it is simply the engine that brings to us exactly what we say to the Universe what we desire in the form of our thoughts/energy/vibration/desires we give off or emanate from within. So, if you feel as though you are waiting for everything you desire to come to you, maybe it is time to shift your vibration/energy/thoughts from waiting to receiving to being in your experience. What does it feel like as you ponder it being done, begin dreaming of your life as if it is done because it is, your desire is done, it is there simply waiting for you, lovingly tended to by your inner being, with eager expectation for you to become a vibrational or energetic match to it! By shifting how you perceive or see your life, you begin to shift your perspective, feel it being within your experience and then observe as evidence of your alignment shows itself to you, as all of the cooperative components are assembled before you by the universe.


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