Were you raised to be Ordinary?

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, we all have a place within our beautiful world, but did you know you have the ability to be extraordinary? For generations people have been resigned to keeping their heads down, not asking questions, this is just the way it is, the way it is supposed to be. We work hard for very little, try to have a good life, try to be a good person and then we die, but when we die, then we will have all of the riches heaven has to offer because I did my best to be the best person I could be while I was alive.

I remember all of the loving advice I was given by well-meaning adults as I was growing up. I remember being told to get a job, no matter what it paid, at least I was bringing home some money, even if it is just minimum wage. This wonderful person I love and adore grew up during the depression and remembers all too well ‘not having enough’. Don’t worry about not having enough in this life, just be a good person and when you die, God will reward you.

Needless to say, that was not enough for me, I wanted and want it ALL. That has not changed although I had to and still struggle on occasion with the guilt of wanting more than ‘my share’ all because of those limiting thoughts and vibrations I was born with and were reenforced with as I grew up by those around me who were born with and grew up with the same limited beliefs. Even with all of that, I do not believe anything went wrong, there is nothing wrong with not remembering because life is about expansion. All of it is in perfect order. I believe we know fully what families we desire being born into on a vibrational level, we have full view of our lives prior to birth and we are up for the challenges we know we will face because prior to our birth we remember our brilliance. We remember our magnificence and we know, even if we never ‘remember’ our brilliance, nothing has gone wrong, we are still part of the expansion of all that is and we are eager for it all!

So, knowing what I now know, I know we are the creators of our life experience and I want you to know it too, I know we can have it all and I want you to know it too, I know we are supposed to be good, be prosperous, be healthy, be happy and I know life is supposed to be fun and I want you to see it, feel it, and know it so deeply from within, you will stand in that place and radiate it for all to see. I know we are supposed to live extraordinary lives and I want you to KNOW it. Not that we must be famous or honored or placed on a pedestal although some may choose this but we are supposed to live a life that is full of joy, love and passion. We all have some struggle within our lives, we knew there would be variety to choose from when we came forth but, it is always a choice as to whether or not you choose to let struggle beat you down, or will you shift your thoughts into better and better feeling thoughts? It is a choice, you can overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs, bit by bit, thought by thought, moment by moment and if you have the ability to dream it, you have the ability to attract it into your world. We are only limited by the thoughts we predominantly think and you have the ability to shift what you think. Use your imagination, expect it, believe it, BE it, and know that the Universe, God, All that is, is rooting for you and so am I!

With great love and appreciation for the expansion of our magnificent lives and for all that is to come ~




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