Your attention to it, is creation

For the majority of my life I was unaware of the creating process, we all create within our life experience whether we are aware of it or not. When you come to the understanding, you have the power within your brilliant mind to direct your thoughts, your world opens up and it then becomes fun to create within your life.

Giving your attention to anything, whether it is something you want within your experience or something you do not want in your life experience, is creation. Law of attraction is simply an engine if you will, bringing you exactly what it is you are predominately thinking about. So, if you are unaware of the creation process and you take action in an effort to keep something bad from happening, in your attention to that thing you perceive as ‘bad’, your attention to it, you thinking of it, your contemplating or pondering or action taken to ‘prevent’ it is actually adding vibration/energy to this thing you do not want. Law of attraction does not sit in judgment of your thought, it simply hears by your focus or attention to it, and brings you more of this thing, ‘wanted or unwanted’ exactly what you are focusing upon predominantly.

For example, a wonderful elder within my life experience used to say to me when I was in my 20’s, “Be careful out there Tracie.” Meaning out in the world, make certain you watch out for muggers, or shifty men, or anyone who might want to harm a young girl. She told this to me, lovingly, because she wanted to make certain nothing bad happened to me. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Unless you become aware of the creating process. When I heard her loving words, they felt off to me, but I was uncertain why it felt off to contemplate her obviously loving, caring words. I thought it was because it was ‘truth’ and I felt ‘lucky’ that she cared so much about me. In giving my ‘attention’ to her words, in pondering her words, in feeling the fear of her words which then sends out energy or a vibration to the Universe, in being careful, in watching out for those shifty characters, what I was actually doing was putting out a ‘signal’ a ‘beacon’, like a magnet, to all of those shifty characters, saying, “I’m over here, here I am”.

I am fortunate nothing ‘bad’ happened to me but that is only because I did not ponder her warnings often because I was only ‘warned’ by her whenever I went over to visit, I was happy-go-lucky Tracie the rest of the time. I forgot about those shifty people who could come into my life experience. Because I would forget about those warnings, I did not keep that energy, thought/vibration active within me long enough to ‘create’ something bad happening to me. She however, created an experience within her life, where someone broke into her home… of those ‘shifty’ characters, fortunately she was not home when this happened. In her attention to the act of being careful, guarded, in the act of taking so many precautions, in her pushing against, she kept the thought/vibration active within her experience and she was then able to proclaim to the world, “See, I knew I had to be careful and you should too!” When in reality, she had pushed against, she had worried about, she pondered long enough on the possibility of something terrible from happening, she became a vibrational match to the very thing she tried to keep from happening that when it did, she thought it was because she knew it would happen and guess what, it did.

Our minds are so powerful and if you have anything you are afraid of, if you practice that thought/energy/vibration long enough you can bring it into your experience via law of attraction. By the same token, if you focus predominately on your well-being, happiness, love, peace, joy, knowing fully your well-being from within, you will continue to bring wonderful things into your life experience and when something unwanted does come into your experience, that is simply and only the opportunity for you to make a decision, clarify what is preferred or wanted in your life experience and focus on what is wanted.

With great love and appreciation for all creating,



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