Indigo or Crystal Children, Who is who?

What is meant by the Indian belief of Crystal and Indigo children? Who is who here?

I am not an expert in or on any of these although I personally, Tracie, Connor’s mom, feel as though I may be similar to an Indigo child from what I have read. It makes sense, when we think of who this child would choose to come through, someone who has similar energy or vibration and a possibility of greater understanding and awareness of who they really are on a vibrational level. Of course, there is always a chance we will not ‘take the bait’ so to speak and push against it all of our lives, it is always a choice.

There is no doubt I personally believe these children are part of our evolution as a humanity but I also think we are changing so rapidly, trying to categorize these magnificent beings we know as our children is another way to pigeon-hole them and when we try to figure them out by doing that, we are doing the very thing they came forth to change, i.e. to be non-conforming the way society has done for generations, trying to get everyone to fit the norm.

Such a big topic I know, which is why I just go with the flow and in doing this, life has been full of ease rather than struggle and is so much richer and rewarding on a day-to-day, moment to moment basis. I think more answers will come as some of this current generation will be able to express themselves either verbally, with facilitated communication or telepathy which many other parents have experienced, I too have personally experienced with Connor, although not as frequently enough as I would love. I however, have no doubt, this will become the norm, once again it makes perfect sense how these children expect authenticity from those they choose to interact with, which is why sometimes, they do not interact with some at all. It is not personal, they are choosing their interactions with others on a vibrational or energetic level. If they, have the ability to interact telepathically with everyone, as we, their parents tune into this frequency on a vibrational level, perhaps these children are already tuned into us……scratch that, they are already tuned into us and waiting for us to catch up. What a truly magnificent time to be alive!!!!

Thank you for the question, questions themselves always bring an answer, even if it is not available to us in the moment. ♥

With great love and appreciation for our brilliant evolution,




  1. Children with crystal-color aura is a crystal children and indigo aura are known as indigo children.Crystal children are known to be calm, solved, and peaceful.indigo children have rather varying behavior with increased spirituality, psychic abilities, etc For more detsils refer

    • Thank you so much. It is interesting, I had my aura photo done maybe a year or so ago and rather than having the rainbow of colors, my aura was indigo, purple a hint of blue and white in the top field of the photo. When I was younger prior to marriage, my behavior was here and there due to insecurity I believe. Yet once I had a strong foundation in my life or what I perceived to be a strong foundation that I found in marriage to a great guy, all of that shifted. Thank you for your comment. Love, Tracie

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