A New Way of Interacting ~

When our children are experiencing discomfort, they are non-verbal or limited in their verbal skills and cannot express to you what the discomfort is……..
You cannot ‘see’ what it could possibly be, may I gently suggest the possibility that maybe there is something happening on a vibrational or energetic level, meaning you cannot see it with your eyes.
So, what can you do about it?
We are all vibrational or energetic beings, scientist can now back this up, when you take a high-powered microscope, that which makes up our physical bodies can actually be seen vibrating.
We all have access to this understanding on an energetic level since we all are vibration or energy, just as you can hear music with your ears, (music is vibration) you have access to your child’s feelings and thoughts as well.
When your child is having a difficult time, you cannot access information from them in that current state of being (different radio frequencies or radio stations) but, when they become calm, use that time, not to get extra house work done but to approach them calmly, quietly and let them know, you want with all of your heart to understand and you are looking, listening and ‘feeling’ for the answers from them.
Use that calm time to interact with your child, even if you do not believe they are ‘listening’…….they are!






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