An Opportunity ~

Have you noticed there are always moments in time in the lives of all, a diagnosis, an event, something that will take your breath away, make you wish you could go back in time or something you wish you could eradicate from your experience, your life or the planet…….and yet, those moments, those things can in fact be a defining moment within your life experience where you have been given an option, a choice to become a stronger person, a more spiritual person, a better person than you thought possible or a choice point for a paradigm shift to occur within your life experience.

Before you get your guard up, will you, can you sit with this question for just a little while? Do you think there is a possibility the dis-Ability called awetism could be just such an experience for you to become a more incredible human being than if you had never been given the opportunity to parent, aide or care for this magnificent child?

I have personally experienced a shift such as this. All of my children are my teachers but this child diagnosed with what many call autism has been and continues to be my most profound teacher. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, going through all I have to be where I am now, I would gladly go through it all once again to be the Tracie I have come to know and appreciate.  I understand it may not be easy at first, but if you are gentle with yourself and your child, giving yourself and this child time to acclimate to this new way of being, practicing extreme self-care, lowering your expectations for yourself and your child when you, your child or both of you are having a difficult day. Using your emotions as your guide to feel better, bit by bit, moment by moment, thought by thought, one day at a time. Understanding when you are experiencing negative emotion or worry, you are creating more of the same discomfort within your future, by reaching for better and better feeling thoughts, you are creating better feeling experiences within your future. Opening yourself up to this possibility, will open a door of understanding…..maybe one your child was waiting for you to open just a little bit.

With great love and appreciation,



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