Shifting How the World Sees our Kids

We watched the show ‘Touch’ on Fox last night. While there was some momentary discomfort within me as the state continues to want to take this child back to a ‘home’, away from his father, yet his father is the one who is willing to listen to his child. It brought about discomfort from those early days of diagnosis when Connor had elopement issues, we had dead bolts and alarms on every door and window within our home, it hit too close to home once again how difficult it is to control anyone or anything.  I remember having a behavioral therapist in our home after Connor was diagnosed, discussing how I can ‘keep’ Connor from eloping and him saying, “Well, I have a duty to report this to the state if I believe there is a problem.” I remember thinking, here I am, doing my best to keep this child safe, lack of sleep, depression, worn out, locks, bolts and alarms on every door and window, asking a ‘behavioral therapist’ I invited in my home to ‘help’ me find ways of helping our son and family, and he tells me, he may have to ‘report me’? ROAR! Talk about getting a mama all riled up!! Fortunately for our family, this is no longer an issue, except for the occasional moment when Connor becomes upset and threatens to run away, actually stepping across the threshold of our home, he no longer goes any further than that and is simply waiting for energy to shift before he comes back into the house. Yes, life is always full of fun and fine-tuning, just how we like it and boy are we getting good at this lovely dance of creating a beautiful life experience!

The message of promise, of hope in shifting how the world will view our children, diagnosed with awetism is great and far outweighed my momentary discomfort of outside forces trying to impose their judgment and beliefs on us parents as we strive for everyone to know the brilliance within our children and that we are still in the process of trying to figure it all out as well. The opportunity of opening up minds just a little bit, understanding what our children do, has meaning to them. We may not understand, but our children do and it is my job, my quest, my passion to follow his lead. Our children sense so much more than our typical fives senses we have grown accustomed to, comfortable with, dare I say complacent to. They sense amplified levels energy and vibration, which we all can do, they have simply been born with a heightened capability, one we must tune ourselves to in order to interact with them. And yes, they also can sense on a multi-dimensional level, one I am finding fascinating to say the least as I climb that ladder….fine-tuning Tracie to this new experience.

It is my personal belief…..knowing, our kids are here to teach us how important how emotions are. So often we go through life without paying attention to our emotions. We observe something, have an emotional response, offer a vibration, Law of Attraction brings us what we offer a vibration about. If we observe something pleasing, we offer a pleasing emotional response, if we observe something that makes us feel badly, angry, etc. we offer a ‘negative emotional’ response. So, we are offering mixed vibrations depending on what we observe at any given moment. BUT, if we were to observe something that is not pleasing, offer an emotional response, recognize how it feels, if it feels good, we are golden, if it feels bad we then have  some work to do and the opportunity to ‘shift’ how we are feeling from a negative emotion to a better ‘feeling’ emotion.

When we recognize we create our own reality with the thoughts we think, as we reach for better and better feeling thoughts, we begin to show ourselves the power that resides within each of us, the power of creating in our life experience. Our children do not simply care how we are feeling, “they care that WE know how we are feeling” because when you ‘know’ how you are feeling, you can do something about it and shift your energy or vibration. This is big! Our children, if we are willing to listen and be observers, are teaching us about alignment from within, alignment with our soul, alignment with our inner being, alignment with spirit, alignment with the God within each of us, whatever you may call the divine of what we all believe in, within. When we are in alignment with our inner-being, we feel wonderful, happy, passionate, excited, blissful, content, whatever positive emotion you want to give it within each moment you experience. When we experience negative emotion, we deviate from our inner being, our inner being stays as the place holder of our desires we have carved out within our life experience and when we view or observe someone or anything in opposition to how the source within us views it, we feel negative emotion. THAT is our emotional guidance system we all have within. As we begin to feel better within, which we have full control or capability over, we now understand we do not need anyone else to be different, or change in order for us to feel better, hence……Unconditional LOVE! BRILLIANT! ♥



  1. Thank you so much for seeing in your child what I believe is the way of the future. I also work with these special magnificent children and I love that you had the courage to share so much of yourself in this. Thanks…you are an inspiration for other parents,

    • Thank you so much Karina. I too believe a magnificent foundation is being built, has been built and fully supported for our future that is so much closer than many realize. It is my hope more and more parents will tell their stories of the brilliance they are seeing, feeling and knowing!
      With great love and appreciation for this unfolding,

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