Where you are is OK

I have some wonderful parent friends I love and adore who still push against what they believe is the cause or who caused autism to come into their world. I have other friends who enjoy my view of awetism and will refer me to their friends and loved ones, because they witness and observe their loved ones struggling and they desire them to feel better, as we all wish our loved ones to feel better. Many of these wonderful friends push against the government, the CDC, school districts or other entities they believe have done them wrong or did wrong by their children. I openly admit I was once someone who blamed others for this so-called disability. Blame always feels better when we are feeling helpless or hopeless, so I do applaud those who reach for relief in any way they can, since blame feels better than hopelessness, more power to them, where they are on their path is perfect for them.

We are ever evolving beings, moving through this life the best we can, where we are on our path is perfect in every way. While I was once in hopelessness, then blame, I eventually moved into an understanding of, maybe nothing went wrong. When I had that moment of consideration, maybe everything went right, a curiosity swept over me. It was as if I reached the top of a hill and I was able to see a gorgeous view for the first time. It is difficult to explain it unless you have been in a difficult period of time within your life experience and reached a point where relief swept over you. I had that moment and when I did, my world began to open up. My heart began to open up and I began to see this child of ours in a different light.

As I began to see Connor from this new-found perspective, I no longer saw him as a child/person with a disability. I began to see him as whole, perfect, exactly as he came forth to be. I began to feel within, nothing went wrong, he got it just right. I must admit in the beginning, I was so used to being in negative emotion, this new positive emotion I was feeling about autism was uncomfortable or, certainly different, an emotion I was not accustomed to feeling so of course it felt off, but it was intriguing enough I had to ponder it even more because it felt wonderful to think about. Everyone I knew saw it as a disorder, as a problem, as a sad experience that our child had a disability, ‘poor Tracie and Eric’, ‘God never gives you anything you cannot handle’, ‘think of the jewels in Heaven you will receive’, mentality. Everyone in our world felt bad for us and I bought into that for a while, but, once I got my footing in this new-found glimpse of our child in a positive light, even though it wasn’t a traditional way of thinking, I knew it was about to open up my world.

So now, the CDC has come out with new numbers 1 in 88 children have awetism. The community is ablaze with many different ideas about how and why awetism is so big in our world and most of these views are very negative I might add, which once again I add, is perfectly fine, we know more clearly what we do want when we hone what it is we do not want, so I appreciate the clarity those who see things differently from me, offer. Why so many are diagnosed with awetism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD and many other ‘disorders’? I want to submit…..offer a thought……plant a seed…..when our children are not being challenged, when we are not trying to force them to BE a certain way, when we are not trying to make them conform into this fickle society, they are quite happy. In fact, many, many of these children and adults when left to their own devices are incredibly happy, fun to be around and live a life that feels wonderful when I interact with them.

Many parent friends will then say, but what about their diets, behaviors, etc. I completely understand that. These precious beings are sensitive in many ways, ALL of their senses are amplified, heightened, their 5 senses are amplified which is why they have difficulty in certain environments, so it makes sense that their physical bodies are sensitive to foods that may be man-made, or they may have reactions to those things that are not as pure in form, since they themselves are purer in human form. They have amplified energetic senses, when someone in their vicinity is angry, sad, or any other negative emotion, no matter what you call it, our children can sense this and they cannot express it so they act out or reflect what they are feeling in their immediate environment and then act it out in various behaviors. These precious beings are an amplified version of humanity.

I recognize many do not see awetism as a gift, but I do so want to express and hope one might hear, if you do not see awetism as a gift, what you observe in your child will not feel good to you. If you see disordered, you will continue to experience a disordered child. If you expect your child to have a difficult time, you will continue to experience a difficult time. If you expect the school district to be uncooperative, you will continue to experience an uncooperative experience. We get what we think about whether it is wanted or not. The more you push against anything, the bigger it gets, it is law, law of attraction. If you focus on the problems, you will get more problems, if however you begin to shift your perspective and begin to focus on the solutions, you will begin to allow solutions to flow into your experience.

It is my FULL knowing from within, as I type these words, the children are rooting me on, we are moving into an extraordinary time in our human experience. Our children are here to show us a way of being, a way of understanding, they are reflecting to us in the purest way they can to show us, you get what you think about whether you want it or not. As we begin to see these children as the little masters that they are, we will begin to fine-tune our life experience in a way humanity has never experienced in recorded history. We have the ability to bring heaven to earth and it is our focus, our perspective, our attention to what is wanted that will bring it into BEing. It is within each of us.

With great love and appreciation for all of these precious children who have been courageous enough to come forth to bring a new way of bliss to humanity,




  1. jeglatter

    May your beautiful view be contageous.:) Thank you for this very helpful post!

  2. Amen Tracy! Thank you for this beautiful post I pray that our friends in the autism community read this with an open heart.

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