An Evolution of Humanity

I fully recognize the struggle many families go through early on in diagnosis, we were there, we have lived it and move through it.

Those who have been able to move through discomfort, allowing their child to be who they came forth to be, embracing the ebb and flow of growth and ease, without feeling a need to challenge these children to conform, are witnessing amazing things happening within their life.

It is my belief this population is part of our human evolution.
Our children are more sensitive with all things dealing with 5 sensors, i.e. food, noise, vision, touch, but they also sense more in a multi-sensory or multidimensional way we have only begun to tap into through science.
Those parents who are witnessing amazing things already do not need science to validate their experiences.

As with any movement, any societal changes, shifts in humanity, we who believe this is part of our evolution may be the minority but, there will come a time when that pendulum will swing and we will all be able to communicate, live and BE fine-tuned within our multi-sensory, multidimensional way of being as our children are, in our physical experience.

A small part of me hesitates in expressing what I know to be truth for concern others who do not know me will be judgmental, but, if I am not willing to stand in my full knowing for my precious child, for this incredible population that IS growing in numbers because they are part of the shift, who will?
I will, I will.
What an exciting time to be alive ~ Tracie, ♥


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  1. charbfc

    I am with you all the way on this, Tracie. I have had lots of great teachers over the years – these kids (and adults too) are truly amazing.

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