Dreams Do Come True

Years ago, I was putting many, many white lights on our Christmas tree late one evening, it takes me a while since I LOVE white lights. I got the children put into bed, enjoying the quiet time, envisioning a Christmas tree lit up just the way I love it. I heard little feet come down the hallway and knew someone was out of bed. I turned and saw our little Connor out of bed, smiling at me with that sweet smile, big blue eyes batting at me. I smiled and asked him to come give me a hug and a smooch and please get back into bed. He did all of this without a sound.

A few minutes passed and I heard from the back of the room the sweetest little voice,  “Mom, dreams do come true!” In that moment, I am pretty certain I felt a layer of ice melt from around my heart I was not even aware was there until that very moment. I turned, smiled at Connor and said, “I know they do buddy.” I said those words and yet, I could feel uncertainty in my heart, hoping those wise words this child spoke were true.

I find holidays are a mental place marker for me, to gauge how life is going, today is Easter and I am amazed yet again at how our life has evolved, how much peace, ease and flow is in our way of life. My dreams from all those years ago have indeed come true. As I witness Connor’s growth, my growth as a woman, wife, mother and spiritual being, it is more apparent than ever, we get what we think about. It has been my intention to lead a life full of love, peace, joy, contentment and happiness. I am in such great appreciation in this now moment that I can say indeed, that is what we are living.

With Great Love, Tracie


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  1. thank you for writing so eloquently exactly how I am feeling today….Happy easter

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