Growing Pains

Usually we hear of growing pains for our children, this time, it is for mom. I did not expect having a child with my wonderful husband would prove to be such an incredible experience. I fell in love again while carrying our first child and I could feel myself transition into this new phase of life as a mother. I wanted to immerse myself in motherhood and with the blessing and collaboration of my darling, we proceeded to have three children in three years, I was in heaven. We have had our share of ups and downs, I have lived through depression and come through that powerlessness with greater clarity and understanding, knowing I have full control over my own emotions which effects my life experience.

We are entering a new season of growing pains, our precious children growing through their teen years. I was once the center of their world, caring, loving, holding, hugging, smooching and wiping their tears. Now, I can feel their willingness to spread their wings as they begin to search for their own expression as individuals. It is one where I once again have the choice to make a conscious decision to handle with ease and grace or to pretend it is not happening and handle it with less ease and grace or drama, fighting their desire for independence all the way. I know too much, I know I can do all of this with ease and grace, allowing them to take steps toward their independence, recognizing, their desire to spread their wings is a testament to the love we provide and have provided to them since before their conception. As I take a step back to allow their brilliance to shine, I am noticing, they still come back to hug mom……I can to do this.

Here’s moving through growing pains with ease and grace ~ Tracie


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