Energy Beacons

Connor covers his ears with certain sounds in certain environments, especially around humming birds and I have observed, around certain people, it depends on ‘their energy’ as well.

You know how sound, or music is carried via vibration to our ears?
So is energy/vibration of others. There are certain people I have noticed, Connor will cover his ears, even if they are not speaking to him, as if to ‘shut them out’ of his experience or stop their energy/vibration out from his physical experience.
This goes back to my understanding that our thoughts are carried outwardly from us via vibration as well. When we have a negative thought, it is carried or ripples out from our bodies. When we have a happy thought, it is carried, ripples or radiates from our bodies. We are all receivers and broadcasters of vibration/energy.

Our children diagnosed with autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD or what I call energetically sensitive, are very aware of how we are ‘feeling’ rather than the words we are saying. When the words we speak do not match the energy they can feel radiating from us, they can often express negative or erratic behaviors, because the message they are receiving is mixed, it is not authentic.
When we, their parents, caregivers and teacher understand this and do something about how we are feeling, reaching for better and better feeling thoughts, we will observe the behavior of our children shift.
Our kids remind me of amplified human beings. When we can recognize this, working with them to be curious rather than frustrated at their behaviors, we can then begin to decipher what in their experience needs to be shifted energetically. When we shift how we are feeling energetically, life begins to ‘feel’ wonderful while we experience it! Love, Tracie ♥


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  1. The Extropist

    We need to find the connector to life for those kids. Everyone is looking for theirs, but it is more imperative for those where the noise and chaos is amplified in everything but that which they can connect to

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