Autism to AWEtism

Shifting your perspective from Autism to Awetism may not be the easiest shift to make initially; but I will promise you, as you begin to observe and witness awetism from the perspective of appreciation, joy and optimism, you will begin to feel such ease within your being and your child will take notice.

This does not mean I am asking you to give up on therapies, medications or diets, etc. you have come to believe are helpful; this joy perspective is in addition to what you have already deemed appropriate for you, your child and family.

By shifting your awareness, you open a space for growth for you and your child, allowing more wonderful opportunities to occur. Worry is praying for future events you do not want to happen. Ease, calm, embracing and unconditional love is the path of least resistance for you to create a truly wonderful life no matter what you are currently observing. With love and appreciation, Tracie, Connor’s mom ~ ♥



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