Beaming with Pride

 Oh the days of haircuts we dreaded and both cried tears or my husband and I would need to do haircuts together. Even in all of that, Connor often had long blonde hair which worked perfectly since we live near the coast.
Hair cuts have been easier for a few years but I had to do it with scissors and it took a long time and loving patience, patience, patience.
Tonight, hair clippers and Connor looks so handsome! He is beaming, he is SO proud of himself as he should be!! I can hear him giggling as he plays in the tub right now!
Oh how delicious the small victories become and isn’t that what life is all about, moments that make you feel like you just climbed the highest, tallest mountains! He is proud and so are we! He did an awesome job being still…….Oh baby how far we have come! It is possible!! ♥ Love from what feels like Mount Everest, beaming as well, Tracie ♥

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  1. My blog post today is about haircuts, too! My son and I are just starting out at the bottom of the mountain. Reading your post gives me hope that we, too, can reach the summit one day.

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