The Answers Within

I remember those early days just before and after Connor’s diagnosis, searching, searching, searching for any and all therapies to ‘heal’ our Connor. With each therapy, not only did I feel like I was chasing my tail, I went deeper into despair and depression, Connor seemed to retreat into his world, further from me emotionally. It seemed like, the more discomfort I was feeling within, the less this child wanted to be in our world.

That is exactly what was happening, our children ‘feel’ their way through life, they can ‘sense’ how those they are close to are feeling within. While I was experiencing fear, despair, dis-empowerment, Connor could ‘feel and sense’ my raw, negative emotions/energy/vibrations, so of course he went deeper into his world to escape feeling my negative energy that he could feel and sense. I am not blaming myself for autism in my child, nor am I blaming anyone else, but there is an amplified awareness our children have that makes them energetically sensitive to all things in their surroundings.

When I decided and understood I could love this child unconditionally and not ask him to be different so I could feel better, a shift began to happen within me. I made the decision to be happy no matter what I was witnessing and observing around me, including embracing the fact that my precious child was diagnosed with a disability. As I eased into more positive emotions, reaching, reaching, reaching for better feeling thoughts, Connor became more willing to be in this world we share, rather that trying to escape my raw, negative emotions/energy/vibrations I was radiating.

I am not asking anyone to give up any therapies you find of benefit to your child, it is my knowing that so much healing can and will take place as you begin to shift your energy and vibration on many subjects within your life. The better you feel about all of life in general, the more your child will be able to feel that shift within you.
With great love and appreciation for this awareness within,
Tracie ♥


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