Are you including what you do not want?

This has been a lesson for me that I continue to fine-tune to this day and that is OK. I also recognize as long as we are human beings, our lessons will continue and embracing that is a wonderful lesson in itself. So many of the things I thought of and spoke of most of my life were things I did not want to happen to me or others I adored. Then as I learned about the laws of the Universe, I began to understand there were many learned thoughts I picked up in my life I had to unlearn.

It was difficult at first and I still find myself reverting back to old habitual thoughts that do not serve me but when I catch myself, I always express my appreciation first for catching myself and then I ask myself the obvious question, ‘I know what I do not want, what is it I do want?’ Then I begin to focus on how I do want to see things.

When you see something, observe anything you do not like, or you do not want in your life experience, recognize you do not want it and then turn your attention to what you DO want. If you complain about something, speak of it more often, tell everyone around you how much you do not like it, and warn everyone around you about it so it won’t happen to them, you are including it in your experience more and more. Including it in your energy,  your vibration, in your life and via law of attraction, you will get the proof of it being in your experience when all along it is IN your experience because you continue to think, speak, observe and witness it.

Little by little, begin to shift your thoughts, when you have a negative emotion about something you do not like or want, begin to look for and observe what you do want. Pretty soon life will be showing you more of all of those wonderful things you DO want!

Here’s to seeing life with greater clarity, like walking through a flower market, choosing those flowers you do like and leaving the ones you do not like there. The more we focus on those things we want, the more they will show up within our daily experiences.

Love, Tracie


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