Savoring Mother’s Day

What a wonderful Mother’s Day I had. We stayed home as we usually do for holidays, a decision we made long ago after Connor’s diagnosis to create as much ease and stress free living within our home. Family and friends who want to come over to play are always welcome as they are aware. It was calm, peaceful, full of love and appreciation for those I gave birth to. We have a tradition in our home of waking the person up when it is their birthday/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day with presents and song, followed by love, kisses and hugs. I must admit, I woke up early on Mother’s Day, appreciation filled my heart for the man I married and share this life with sleeping softly next to me, my children on my mind as I basked in my wonderful, comfortable bed. They were planning on celebrating me, I was planning on celebrating them. If my children had not chosen me to mother them, I would not have the opportunity to celebrate the day in the way I did. After I spent time appreciating my life as is my intention as often as I can, my darling husband got up to get my coffee and breakfast ready. I admit I got up and went in to see each child of mine, waking them from their sweet sleep to express how much I love them and to Thank them for allowing me and choosing me to be their mom.

Today, I am planning on basking in the sweetness of my day I had yesterday as often as I can. I found out a long time ago, the more I bask in appreciation for all of the wonderful things within my life, the more wonderful things life shows me. It is not a quantum leap, it is a process. When you decide you would like to have a child, you recognize the time that is needed to conceive, grow the child within your body and give birth. You know very clearly this will take time, a natural course, you cannot decide to have a child and give birth within the same day. Living a life that is full of joy, happiness and ease is the same way and there will be moments that will feel as those you are taking a step backwards. Recognize those moments where it feels like you are taking a step backwards is simply an opportunity to clarify what you want, what you desire as you move forward into the life you are creating, nothing more, just continue to focus upon the life you desire and most importantly, focus on how it will ‘feel’ once you achieve the life you desire. How does it feel, full of love? Full of joy? Full of ease? Full of appreciation? Full of happiness? Full of grace? Full of ease and flow? How does it feel once you are living the life you desire? You get to decide, it is Your life isn’t it?

In love, appreciation and full of joy, Tracie


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  1. Thanks for posting this Tracie. I had the honor of finally meeting my young cousin who is awe-tistic last week. To everyone’s surprise he ran and hugged me upon meeting me. He is 2 years old I think. I was delighted. He kept grabbing my hand and leading me places, even making me run. (been a while since I did that!). What a wonderful meeting it was.

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