My Goat Whisperer

One of my very first clues that perhaps there was something more to our Connor than simply this so-called disability which was all I could ‘see’ right after his diagnosis…….I took the children to a petting zoo the first summer after Connor was diagnosed. I had get us out of the house which I was mostly afraid to leave because of my uncertainty in how Connor would handle the world, what would set him off and how I might respond to him given my depression and how full of despair I was living in, I wasn’t certain I could handle things at all.

There was only one way in, one way out of the petting zoo, hardly anyone in the zoo, I assumed I could just relax……
After a few minutes of me relaxing and enjoying myself, basking in the sun, doing my best to remember what it was like to enjoy myself, my attention turned to ‘where is Connor?’
I found him sitting under a tree, 3 years old, with little pygmy goats surrounding him, one laying by him, one standing close to him and another two standing nearby as he was petting one within one hand. He was calm, quiet, serene and these little pygmy goats surrounded him as if he was ‘speaking’ to them yet there were no words, he did not have food they were hoping to receive from him. They were simply relaxing under this lovely tree, BEing together.

My stress I was feeling, my shoulders around my ears, began to soften as I giggled and called him, ‘My Goat Whisperer’. My first glimpse into what was possible with this child and the so-called miracles that could take place if I was willing to relax enough, release stress and observe him……Love, Tracie ♥


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