Is Happiness a tall order?

In the movie ‘Evening’, before Vanessa Redgraves’s character dies, she tells her daughter to ‘Be Happy, in the end there are no mistakes’. Her daughter rolls her eyes and says, ‘Gee mom, that is a tall order!’

Do you think being happy is a tall order?

If you expect life to be perfect so you can be happy, that is a tall order.

If you expect things and people to change so you can be happy, that is a tall order.

If you believe things must magically happen in order for you to respond to life in a way that makes you happy, that is a tall order.

If you believe others should acquiesce to you to your beliefs, to your views, to your politics, to your religion, to your way of living and being, that IS a very tall order and you will be greatly disappointed because no one was born to jump through enough hoops so you can be happy. Not your parents, not your spouse and not your children.

We each have our own way of viewing and seeing the world. We each have our own ideals and beliefs and it should be celebrated that we all have so much diversity in which to choose from. When you see something you do not like, if you would simply say to yourself, ‘witnessing this, I see what I do not like, how I do not want to live’ and then ask yourself, ‘what is it I do like, how do I want to live?’ Then focus on what you desire, in that pure focus and desire, you could be living it very quickly but, most people feel the need to condemn others for how they choose to be and live. If you could simply set the intention to be happy, appreciate everything in your life, whether you love it or because it has offered you clarity about what you DO want and then look toward what you do want, you will understand the power you have within your magnificent mind.

You have the power within yourself to be happy and when you prove this to yourself you will finally come to the understanding, the full knowing, you do not need anyone else to be different, you do not need anyone else to change, you do not need to persuade anyone else of how right you are and how wrong they are for living their life the way they see fit. You get to choose how you want to live and those who do not want what you want will fall away from your experience……It is all up to you.

Living and loving in happiness, Tracie



  1. Great post. Reminds me of a saying my mother used to have – “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy because sometimes the two just aren’t in the same league.”

  2. theelectriccane

    Not a tall order at all. People expect too much. While they wait for that rolex, promotion or car, they forget to see what they have. You don’t need to look far to find happiness.

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