“Kermit thee Frog Here”

Dear Friends,

I am continually amazed at my life.
Yes, I have set the intention to appreciate and be positive, embracing everything and what does not feel good offers clarity about what I do prefer. It is not my intention to gloat but to be a beacon for others to show ‘positive thought’ does work. It is the ultimate freedom and when you live it you do not need to persuade others because you recognize there are no mistakes, only choices. We choose to reach for the positives in our life, for our family.
As I have embraced awetism, looking for all of the positive aspects in our life, I do find more and more wonderful things and turn away from the negatives so many see, observe and focus on. No right or wrong or judgment, no condemnation because that holds you in a negative vibration/energy, but I have clarity about how I prefer to live my life.
As a wonderfully human being, I am not always in that place but I do my best to continually reach for better and better feeling thoughts. Life continues to show me glimpses of my work which is why I LOVE expressing this to all.
My darling husband bought all of the children little gifts yesterday to share our love and appreciation for them. He chose each gift especially for each child according to their likes and they were all thrilled. Connor received a stuffed Kermit the Frog. For those who do not know, Disneyland/California Adventure is our favorite hangout and Connor loves Muppet Vision 3D.
Since yesterday afternoon, Connor has been pretending to ‘BE’ Kermit while moving Kermit’s mouth as if Kermit is talking.
Connor is chatting up a storm, not as Connor but as Kermit. I will TAKE it!!
You never know what will bring about what your heart so desires. It helps when we do not need it to look or be a certain way.
Who knew pretending to be a muppet would cause Connor to chat up a storm?
I do believe a Kermit ‘puppet’ will be next on the list, perhaps for his birthday in July!!!!
LOVE, Tracie


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