Empathic? Telepathic? What?

When you hear of ‘The Horse Whisperer’, ‘The Dog Whisperer’, ‘The Ghost Whisperer’ what comes to mind? A man whispering in the ear of a horse? A man whispering to a dog?  Jennifer Love-Hewitt whispering to ghost? “^.^” I had to be silly for a moment.

No, what the horse whisper and dog whisper express in their work is an understanding of energy. The fact that a horse or the dogs ‘sense’ their energy and respond in like manner. We have all seen Cesar Milan work his magic with the humans he helps empower themselves to become the ‘pack leader’ in their home. So why would it be much different in our own interactions with other human beings?

We have a power if you will, within us that goes beyond verbal language. When you are in love with someone, really and truly, deeply in love with them and you gaze into their eyes, you and they can feel that connection. When you hold your baby for the first time and gaze into their eyes, you can feel that connection, that love without one word being spoken.

Now think about when you have a conversation, you ask them a question and their response to you and what you feel from within are not a match. You question them verbally, they respond verbally trying to persuade you in believing them, you might acquiesce even though something feels off from within. You may even find out later they were lying to you and you say, I knew it!

So what if these magnificent children are coming forth diagnosed with autism, because they often lose or never have speech and language, we must do everything within our power to find a way into their world. We must find a way into their world without the use of words……When we are able to find that sweet spot of communication without speech and language, we find, you will find as I have found more interaction, as if we have, (because we DO have) a wonderful empathic, telepathic line of communication with our children, ‘typical’ or with a so-called diagnosis.

We are all energy, we exchange communication with each other more often with energy than with our verbal capabilities.  Our children diagnosed with autism that are here en mass, (and more are coming which is to be celebrated) to guide all of us in this evolution, this understanding of our empathic, telepathic abilities which we all have but we have buried with our words. Are you willing to become their students? That is the question. Can we purposefully bridge who we are with these magnificent children who are here to guide us in our evolution? Ever evolving, Tracie


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  1. charbfc

    Tracie, This is beautiful! I totally agree that something very special is going on and we are blessed to be a part of it. I have learned so much from my special teachers who never speak aloud!

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