Where are they coming from?

A wonderful professional asks, “Tracie, Where are they coming from?” (because her case load has increased so much)
Me: Perhaps they are here as a bridge in our evolution?
A.W.P.: How can we get them to transition easily into our way of seeing things?
Me: Perhaps, for now we can meet them half way and bridge more wonderful opportunities?
From my perspective, this incredible population are amplified human beings, think of the many difficulties they often have and notice whether it is diet or sensory, their bodily or physical responses to certain stimuli or processed foods are exaggerated.

I always ask my parent friends to do whatever ‘feels’ best from within in regard to their children, no one else has the power to take those decisions away from them, you.

What I have seen work wonders in addition to what parents deem as appropriate ‘action’ is when we begin to look for, observe and appreciate all of the positive aspects of these children. As we do this, we embody unconditional LOVE. Since Love IS a universal language, our children can ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ the frequency of love we are offering. This IS your phone line if you will to your child! Love, unconditionally, Tracie ~ ♥



  1. charbfc

    Woo – Hoo!! It keeps getting better. I love this discussion. And now I must share something I wrote a short time back. http://grandmacharslessonslearned.blogspot.com/ (On Positivity)

    • Brilliant! I see Suzy Miller on there, I am one of her Certified Practitioners “^.^”

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