Follow your Bliss

This population if we are willing to listen, is teaching us life lessons that will serve us extremely well.
Yesterday, we had a blast at Disneyland.
As Connor has gotten older, it is more apparent by his actions, he is a bit different than most. When he was younger, he appeared to be an excited little guy when something made him very happy. Now that he is older, when he is excited, although I LOVE it, it will sometimes draw attention. Yesterday was one of those days.

He was almost vibrating he was so happy. His body was expressing his happiness, his vocal stimming was expressing his happiness and as we walked by two young woman, they smiled at Connor walking in front of me, excited for the first ride and said, “Someone is HAPPY!”

I told them yes, this is his favorite place.
One girl said, “He is as excited as I feel!”
I expressed he was diagnosed with awetism, and with all of the extra sensory Disneyland offers a person who does not care for noise, does not care for a lot of people in general, does not care for waiting in line and all of the other things he must deal with in his amplified way, when he is at Disneyland, ALL of that possible discomfort falls away. Which is my proof and my knowing on every level of my being, when you “Follow your Bliss” as Joseph Campbell so eloquently said, you can over come anything.
LOVE, Tracie ~ ♥


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