No words needed

It is my own personal perspective, I do believe we are seeing an evolution of our own humanity in our children, ALL children. When you contemplate how it makes us feel ‘within’ which is everything in our experience, as we observe them, it is thrilling!!

I know I have lived, I am living and observing others create for themselves, magnificent lives, by reaching for better feelings about everything, our predominant thoughts create the life you are living, not the experiences that come about, but the reaction you have which moves life forward.

When I contemplate our children diagnosed with a so-called disability and how many of them either lose speech and language or never have it early on, in order for us to interact with them, we must become the observer, which means we become quiet within and outside as well.

THAT is our way into their presence, into their energy, into their gaze. So when we witness and observe something that ‘moves’ us in the way these kids and many others do, when something moves us to tears of joy, we release resistance within us.
I can feel so much more as I contemplate all of this, more than I can put into words! That’s amusing since our children move us without words as well!!
LOVE and speechless, Tracie ~ ♥


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