The Wonders of Calm

When Connor was first diagnosed with autism, I was often overwhelmed. There were many negative emotions I experienced daily. Fear, uncertainty, fear of the unknown, the feeling of needing to do something, anything in hopes of making him better, curing him, etc.
This fear was fueled by well-meaning professionals wanting me to take action in the ‘window of opportunity’. When I took action out of fear or desperation, it never worked out well, I ended up with more stress which Connor felt and then he became more stressed.

But, what has become my dominant intention now is to become present in the moment and to take action only when it comes from a place or space of positive emotion. As I have learned this, practiced this and allowed ease to come over me, Connor can feel this as well and we are now living a life full of calm and ease.

I absolutely LOVE speaking with all parents but especially with children who are newly diagnosed because no one was offering a calm way of BEing early on for us and I so desire all to embody this way of being if they so desire.

When you embody calm and neutral behavior, you can offer your calm energy to your child just as you would offer a gentle smile.
We are that connected to one another and no one can apply and prove this to you but you and your child. Play with this and you will ‘see’.
LOVE, Tracie ~ ♥


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