Peter Pan was onto something!

This is simply an observation of my own, within my own life and what I witness from some of my wonderful, dedicated, incredible, LOVING parents I have the pleasure of speaking with, but it is one I hope will plant a seed within anyone willing to ponder.

Many times when our child is given a diagnosis, we often become so worried, so full of fear of the unknown, whatever you call it, it is usually a negative emotion (because we have been taught to respond in this way).
Our children are, from my perspective amplified human beings, which means, they ‘sense’ so much far beyond what many of us do, not only with their five senses but beyond.

So, when we as parents begin expressing, emitting the emotion(s) of worry, fear, anger, sadness, or any other negative emotion, our children pick up/receive these emotions like a radio signal. Since they may or may not understand where it is coming from, they do not know what to do with it and their behaviors are amplified as they try to do whatever they can to ‘BE’ in the moment which is why we witness negative behaviors from them.

As we, their parents, caregivers and teachers become more aware of the interconnectedness we have with each other, more so than we ever knew, we are able to adjust, modulate and balance our own energy. As we do this, our children can learn how to balance their energy.

This IS a ‘new’ way a BEing for certain, one our children came forth to lovingly, sometimes not so lovingly teach us. You cannot get this wrong, but you can learn from one another, recognizing we are so connected, we reflect or mirror how we are feeling within.

Play with it, practice being calm, practice being balanced, mindful and peaceful, releasing worry, fear or any negative emotion.
As you embody peace and calm, you are then able to call your child into this calm, peaceful state of being as well.

Love, calm, peacefilled, excited and thrilled at what this incredible population is teaching all of us, Tracie ~ ♥


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