No need to be Perfect?

It seems we as a society strive for perfection within our lives because we think others will think highly of us as they observe our perfection and yet, everyone is mainly focusing on doing what they ‘believe’ others will observe, so who is actually watching you or is it your belief others are watching?

As we begin to live from within the heart rather than the mind, an ego based understanding, we begin to make decisions that create more joy within our lives and no longer worry about what we ‘believe’ others are observing from us.

When I am rushing around, like this morning, preparing for family and friends to arrive for Sunday brunch, Connor stopped me and said, “Happy”. That is one of my subtle cues when I have shifted from moving forward from the heart, which is where I desire being most of the time because it ‘feels’ wonderful, back into my brilliant mind.

What is the purpose of a gathering amongst family and friends? To ENJOY each other, to be IN~JOY with each other and in my desire to get things done, I forgot. I appreciate Connor’s now subtle cues for me to remember to become heart centered.
I no longer need to be perfect or act perfect because in allowing that need to fall away, I found more joy within!
LOVE and in JOY, Tracie ~ ♥



  1. Gorgeous post. Thank you = )

  2. Excellent reminder. Thank you!

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