How do you take your coffee?

Such pleasure to be had in the momentary stillness of a lovely, warm cup of coffee or tea, a beautiful new week and morning. Coffee flavored with our own specific deliciousness….. what a lovely metaphor for our life, eh? We each get to choose to have coffee or not. We each get to choose creamer and sweetness or not. We each enjoy our own flavorings or not. Individual to each of us, how we like it or leave out what we do not…….

We can choose to see autism or awetism.
We can choose to see and count the blessings in life or not.
We can choose to fuss and worry about everything or not.
We can see the brilliance within our children or count the deficits we observe or are pointed out by others.

I choose a warm cup of coffee with my delicious cinnamon vanilla creamer.
I choose to see awetism.
I choose to count blessings in each moment, day, week and year.
I choose to reach for better feeling thoughts about everything.
I choose to see the brilliance within all of my children including the precious boy diagnosed with awetism by others in 2001.
Yes it is going to be a delicious day, a magnificent week and a wonderful life! *smiles “^.^” LOVE, Tracie


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