Becoming Curious

Whether you are a parent of a child with autism, teacher, aide or just an observer of this population, I would love for you to observe the areas they express the most frustration. It is often difficult to just observe because witnessing frustration is uncomfortable.
Take a step back for a moment (if not while it is going on, after) from the intense energy expression you are witnessing and ask yourself, on a larger scale, in the bigger picture, is it possible they are expressing, pointing out something that is no longer working?
Is there a lesson to be learned?

All of their behaviors are meaningful, so take mental notes of what is going on in the moment for you to reflect upon when all is calm.
When the frustration has moved on or when you are able to simply contemplate this, ask yourself why do you desire changing it? What are the reasons beyond the discomfort of witnessing, observing or living it? Is it because you are worried or concerned about how others will view you or your child? Is it because your child desires doing something his/her way? Does this way make more sense even though it is not what you want?
Do your best to take others out of the equation, break down the tantrum or frustration and ask yourself, why was this happening and become curious about this child.

So many times, their lessons, awarenesses, understandings and highlights are for you to become more aware of something that is not working or is being done because society would deem it appropriate. The answers may not be clear right away but keep either a mental note or begin writing these new understandings, awarenesses, and clarities down as you begin to experience them. You will begin to learn so much from your child. This new-found curiosity will create a shift within you and your child will see this shift on many levels within your being.
This will be a signal to your child to begin offering you more understandings and awarenesses, your energy of curiosity will now show up or express itself to your child as, ‘Someone is listening, cool!’

This wonderful populations is here to teach us what no longer works, often words are meaningless because the energy of feeling behind them is not a match. As we begin to go within ourselves to find this understanding, the old paradigms will fall away, replaced by new understandings that will serve all of us incredibly well!
In awareness, Tracie ~ ♥


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