Radiating Peace and love……Unconditional LOVE

We spent the day at the Happiest Place on Earth yesterday!
Yes, we had SO much FUN!
We asked Connor to SMILE in this photo, it was a cheesy smile, so I ‘cheesy’ smiled too and then he changed it! “^.^”

After Indiana Jones Adventure, Connor became upset because we got ‘the Fountain of Youth’ rather than the one he wanted. It took him some time to begin to express his frustration as we walked away from the ride. Once I noticed his escalating difficulty and frustration, I stopped all motion forward and allowed him to express himself ‘non-verbally’, as he wanted to ‘run away’, heading back to the ride, proceeding to get into line, but he stopped at a certain point, not actually entering the line full of people but he was near it.

I SO appreciate how far “I’ve” come.
I followed him at a normal pace for me, keeping my eyes on him. (but I was not rushed or panicked the way I would have been a few short years ago, BIG for me)
We stood for a while under the canopy of tropical trees and I allowed him to ‘BE’, no demands, no focus, no attention, no frustration on my part, no forcing, just radiating PEACE and love……Unconditional LOVE and calm from within myself, what I was truly feeling in that moment because I was allowing, accepting and embracing that moment unconditionally.
Rather than focusing my complete attention on Connor and his discomfort (which I used to do which caused me more stress and amplified the situation), I simply watched, observed…… where he was and if he moved away from me, I followed. The rest of the time, I truly ‘in-joyed’ BEing under those trees, it was so cool, shady from the hot summer day and beautiful. For a moment I smiled as I pretended to be on a ‘tropical vacation’!

Years ago I would have stood there worried about Connor, life, our future, the people around me wondering what I was doing standing there observing this child who stood there defiantly not wanting to budge and that list could go on and on but it did not.
I focused on the pleasure not the discomfort, it was a choice and I chose pleasure.

I recognized this child rarely has a difficult time in the way we once did, especially at Disneyland. It had been a hot summer day, his feet were tired, so much excitement and you know what? It was time for him to release some of that excited energy, he held it together pretty darn awesome all day!

I love that I was given an example of a discomfort he had and the opportunity to practice what I know to be the way for myself and so many who are asking for ease within their lives and that of their children and for the wonderful opportunity to share with my fellow parent friends who live life or desire living in a similar way.

It has all been forgotten today and I did not add any negative energy to his discomfort he was feeling. I remained calm and neutral and it worked beautifully.
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. Beautiful!

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