Positive and Autism?

I recognize being in the vicinity of a smile or a good feeling thought can be difficult as we interact with our children, especially when we/they are having a difficult time.

A parent recently asked me, “What does a positive attitude have to do with dealing with autism? There are days when I can barely get out of bed because I dread what I need to deal with! I just want to go to the store and get groceries without drama!”

I smiled because I wondered the same thing many years ago, except I had to figure it out on my own, which is why I want to SHOUT it to all who want to hear, or desire hearing a way of living I know works on many levels!
I was there and there are days when I dip into a less than positive attitude, so I completely get it! But, a positive attitude WILL create a life that is extraordinary if this is something you can become consciously aware of and begin to embody, life will no longer by mysterious to you!

Here is the thing, our children, specifically those diagnosed with autism, whether you are a parent, teacher or caregiver, are so in-tune with us, they will reflect back to you, or mirror what those closet to them are feeling inside, they sense, feel and know your emotional state within. We see this within all of our children, they act differently with one adult than they do with another. This is about energy, reflecting and mirroring energy. There is no judgment, no need to feel guilt or badly or any negative emotion for not knowing or recognizing this, this is truly a gift they offer to us.
We have become so complacent about our emotions, negating our emotions, acquiescing to others, over-riding our own feelings rather than empowering ourselves, which is why depression comes about for so many who do not feel empowered within.
And yet, please HEAR this, “Our Emotions create the life we are living!” We can create ease and grace or fear and struggle, it is ‘your’ choice! ♥

This population ‘feels’ their way through life and their gift is to facilitate your awareness of your emotions. When you ‘feel’ good, truly FEEL good, life goes wonderfully for you. When you feel badly, it does not.
The more you can REACH for better feeling thoughts, feelings, emotions, that pendulum will swing and you will be living a life full of more joy, peace, calm, contentment and you will not need anyone to be different in order for you to feel better and when a negative emotion comes up, you will not freak out because you know within you, you can shift how you feel!!
YOUR power is within you, YOU have control over how you feel. You do not have control over anyone else or any other living thing. When you get that, when you begin to integrate that within your being, within your daily life, within the essence of who you are…….*smiles, you will be loving you just as you intended all along! Love, Tracie


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