It IS what you believe

A precious parent wrote to me about her newly diagnosed son.
She expressed so many feelings I once shared, felt, lived and internalized within.
As she expressed herself, I felt myself merge with her and what she felt within.
She spoke of the feeling of being hit in the stomach and her heart with the news/diagnosis.
How she and her faulty genes gave this life sentence to her precious boy.
Oh my heart went out to her and I wished we were not separated by miles but I had the opportunity to share this moment with her via the internet. She had the opportunity of finding me via the internet and without that, to think she would have been alone otherwise with these thoughts saturating her mind and heart.

I cannot express it loud enough, or emphatically enough these children do not have life sentences, unless this is what you believe.
They are not autistic because of faulty genes unless that is what you believe.
They are not disordered unless that is your belief.

Certainly there are things you can do to ease their experience in their physical bodies and I applaud efforts made moving forward on your part in doing so, however, I must say, please take action, take on a therapy, a doctor, a diet, a way of living etc. only if it FEELS right from within. Use that gut instinct you are gifted with since birth to move forward and navigate your life.

As you do this you will keep yourself empowered. This child CHOSE YOU! You will be able to work at this together. You can create a wonderful dance together of figuring things out. They are truly a gift to all of us, to all of humanity. Their gift is allowing all of us to turn inward, to find self, to be at peace with the silence, the oneness we all share in our individuality. Believe it or not you do not need to figure this all out right now.
NEVER lose hope, that is the one thing that will keep life moving forward, hope and LOVE!
LOVE and smiles,
Tracie ♥


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